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Anonymous asked: what exactly happens during the orientation?? will it be like a formal meeting kind of a thing where in everyone will be in proper formals or just a casual day??? and how is the weather like during the end of August? pretty cool? or hot ?

August is typically a pretty warm month for Boston, with temperatures ranging from the 70s up into the 90s. As far as orientation is concerned, it’s a mix of formal information sessions, meetings with academic advisors, and free time to hang out and meet future classmates. My biggest piece of advice is to talk to everyone you see, you never know who you might meet, and everyone else is probably just as nervous as you are!

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Anonymous asked: what's with the immunization form? what happens if we fail to submit some documents?

The immunization form is just a way for the health center on campus to be sure you have had all immunizations required for college students in Massachusetts up to this point. If you are receiving an email that you have missing immunization information, then you should contact your doctor to get a copy of your immunization record to send to student health services. If the forms are not submitted after receiving the reminder emails, then a hold can be put on your account, which could affect your registration for classes, so I would definitely recommend getting the form in as soon as possible! If you have additional questions or concerns about this, I would recommend contacting health services at

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I will be currently finishing up my undergrad degree at the end of december. I am starting my search for graduate programs, Northeastern being one of them. I had applied for undergrad to Northeastern five years ago, where I was originally deferred and then denied acceptance. I'm nervous about applying to NEU again for this reason, do you recommend that I give it a shot anyways??

Absolutely!! I am sure you have changed quite a bit in the past 5 years and had tons of valuable experiences through your undergraduate education. Northeastern is a great place to get your graduate degree, especially if it involves any form of research. Just because you were not accepted the first time does not mean they will be less likely to consider you the second time; if you had a strong undergraduate performance and seem like you could thrive in the Northeastern community then they will most certainly want to make you a part of it.

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Anonymous asked: We can take the books on rent right? that'll be cheaper? and who gives the books on rent??

There is definitely the option to rent books. You can choose to do so either through our book store on campus (run by Barnes & Noble) or through another private company, typically online (such as Amazon). Be sure to look at the rental cost though, if it is really expensive then it might be better to buy the book and sell it back to the bookstore at the end of the semester. This is more of a risk because you never know which books they will buy back and how much they will pay, but I’ve had them buy back $200 textbooks for $175, which ended up being cheaper than if I had just rented the textbook for $60 for the semester. You can also look online for copies of the textbook being sold used so they are cheaper for you.

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Anonymous asked: what if my 15 washes end before semester and i want to wash my clothes, then what?

You can always add money for laundry to your husky card through your MyNEU account under the NUPay function. Trust me, you will not be alone in running out of laundry bucks!

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Anonymous asked: when will know about the books? which book do we need and when??

Great question! When the class starts, you will receive a syllabus that outlines what will be covered in the class as well as all materials needed. If you know who your professor for the course is, then you can always reach out to them over email and ask what text you will need, they will be more than willing to let you know!

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Anonymous asked: Hey.. could you please tellme about the vacations?? Like, when do we have vacations? Where is the schedule?

Hi, Northeastern has longer vacations on Thanksgiving, around Christmas, and in March for spring break. Please go to for the full academic calendar for the upcoming year!

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Anonymous asked: What is the difference between undergraduate day and college for professional studies? How do we know whether we come under which title?

When you are accepted to Northeastern, the admissions office should inform you which program you are in. If you are unsure, I would definitely encourage you to reach out to an admissions counselor and they will be able to clarify this for you. 

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Anonymous asked: How hard is it to get accepted and what things should I try to do to increase my chances?

Hi there! You can check out Northeastern’s admissions site at to see admission statistics, such as our middle 50% for GPA and SAT/ACT scores. I feel the most important thing when applying to Northeastern is being a well rounded person. Strong grades and test scores will definitely help, but it makes you much more interesting and unique if you also have experiences with extracurriculars, such as sports or clubs, volunteer work, etc. Also, leadership experience can go a long way! Make sure you show them everything you have on your application, a seemingly unimportant hobby or interest can certainly set you apart from other applicants.

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Anonymous asked: what's with the sim? like, I'll be coming from outside the US, so how and where will I get a US number?

Hmmm I’m not entirely sure on that one. Many northeastern students utilize Verizon or AT&T for their phone service, so I would recommend checking out their websites to see if they have any information on getting a U.S. number. You could also check with admissions, as they might have more information on this that they have found for other international students.