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Move in success

Well I am now officially a resident of 109 St. Stephen street, and have a great apartment! I’ve finally gotten my own bedroom and love the location. I hope everyone else had a positive move in experience, as always feel free to ask any questions you have!

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Back to Beantown

The packing has officially begun for my move to Boston tomorrow and I’m getting pretty excited! Tonight will consist of some real-world Tetris as I try to pack everything into the car to beat the rush tomorrow morning. I hope everyone else is getting excited to head back down as well, as always feel free to ask me questions as you start your time on campus. Anything from questions about classes, to places to eat, to any other Boston information you would like to know! 

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Back to school

The time is getting near to head back to Boston and I am definitely starting to get excited! This year should be an interesting living experience, as I will not be in a Northeastern residence hall but rather an apartment on St. Steven street. Since I now have a couple of years of experience in this endeavor, I figured I would provide some tips for all you eager freshmen:

-Don’t overpack. The freshman rooms are not exactly palaces, so your oversized bean bag and choice piece of IKEA furniture can be left at home (fire code wouldn’t allow either of these items anyway)

-Remain calm about your roommate assignment. Some people may be quite misrepresented by their Facebook page that you have undoubtedly been stalking, so save your opinions until you’ve met in person and had some time to get to know each other. You might find you have more in common than you think (hint: Northeastern housing probably had something to do with that when they assigned you together)

Go explore. There is no better bonding experience than trying to navigate the not-so-gridlike streets of Boston with a group of people you just met. Don’t be afraid to say hello, people will appreciate it! It’s kind of like running into wildlife while on a hike, they’re probably more scared of you than you are of them.

Finally, have fun! I agree that it is a huge change that destroys any concept of a comfort zone, so embrace this and make this new experience the experience you want it to be.

Best of luck Freshmen, I’ll see you around campus!

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happinessandambition asked: How is speare hall?

Speare was my home for year one and I was quite happy with it! The rooms look identical to Stetson east and west, but they have plenty of storage space. You can get all your packages right from the mail center in the lower lobby, and the floors alternate between having individual study rooms and a giant common room with couches and huge TV. I think you will really enjoy Speare!

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happinessandambition asked: And do we get free cable? Thank you.

Yes we do! We also get free HBO for all you Game of Thrones addicts. Just be sure to bring your own cord to connect the wall cable jack to the back of your tv.

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Anonymous asked: Hi there? How expensive is northeastern really and how diverse? Is the business school there academically challenging and/or exviting to you?

Hi! Some excellent questions. As far as cost, the baseline is around $54,000/year, but they are really good with both their need-based and merit-based financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants, etc.) In fact, more than 80% of our students receive some form of financial aid. In terms of diversity, there is definitely a large international student population, as well as domestic students from all around the country. 

The business school requires a lot of work and dedication, but if you put in the time and effort you will be successful. We have many professors who come right from their industry, and bring a lot of experience and knowledge of real-world application with them. I think you will find that there are many opportunities within D’Amore-McKim to suit a wide range of interests. To top it all off, the co-op program gives you the chance to practice what you learn, and get a true idea of what a career in your chosen major will be like. I hope this can answer your questions, feel free to reach out if you have any more!

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Anonymous asked: Hi! How many co-ops are you planning on doing/have done and would you say getting a co-op is fairly competitive? Also, what made you choose Northeastern over other schools?

Co-op is actually the differentiator that drew me to Northeastern. That, along with the wide selection and flexibility of the majors/minors to fit all interests makes the University extremely strong for job placement. I personally will be doing two co-ops, since I am doing my degrees in four years. As far as getting co-ops, it really depends which ones you are going for. As long as you put some effort into the process, you will definitely get a co-op job. However, some of them are far more selective than others. It will definitely help to go in with a strong GPA, involvement on campus, and prior work experience if possible, but if you have a job you are super passionate about then you can definitely have a shot!

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Anonymous asked: what if I am not comfortable with my room mate? how do I change her/him?

Typically housing does a pretty good job with matching roommates, so I would encourage you to give it a few weeks when the semester starts and see how it goes. If you absolutely need to switch roommates, then you can always talk to Northeastern housing, either through email or in person in the lower lobby of Speare Hall. They might be able to match you up with someone else looking for a new roommate and help you to switch rooms.

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Anonymous asked: how can we transfer money in the husky card?

Money can be added to the husky card through NUPay in your myNEU account, but it cannot necessarily be transferred. For example, you cannot use printing dollars for doing laundry. However, as I said, money can always be added to the card and the different categories (dining dollars, printing dollars, laundry bucks, etc.)

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Anonymous asked: which residence hall do you live in?

I am actually going to be in an apartment on St. Stephen street this year, so I will not be in a residence hall.